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Santa Training

Have you ever been asked to be Santa at the office, your Church, the neighborhood party, or a family gathering?  Did you wish you could get some quick pointers to help you through this?Santa Claus Training

Do you want to be a professional Santa?

If you're going to be Santa, do it correctly from the beginning. 

I have been portraying Santa around the world for 19 years at all types of venues including malls, homes, corporate events, breakfast with Santa, parades, you name it I have done it.

I will be happy to help you be the best Santa you can be at your next holiday event.  Training starts at $25 for a half hour phone consultation to $100 for a one-on-one face-to-face session.

Anyone can be Santa Claus.  Santa is about the spirit in your heart and the love of giving to others. 

David Doerrier

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